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Digit All Systems, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to bridging the digital divide and bringing the benefits of expanding technology to everyone. It was founded in September 1998 and has since served more than 10,000 students, certifying over 600 students. The organization is located in a central urban area in an underserved community.

Each certificate program is designed to train students in the knowledge and abilities that today's employers need. Our instructors are all certified IT instructors with current, real-world IT experience. Our programs create real value for its students by combining high quality education with authentic hands-on training from experienced IT engineers. All the courses prepare students for professional certification tests and more advance courses. Once introduced and familiarized with technology, students have the opportunity, through Digit All Systems' courses, to gain the most in-demand technology knowledge and professional certifications.

What We Do

DAS expands technology education to residents in Baltimore with a particular focus on socio-economically disadvantaged populations. Without a working knowledge of technology, many are in danger of being left behind educationally & financially. DAS provides workforce development training by equipping individuals with skills needed to maximize in demand information technology (IT) career opportunities.

With numerous on/off site locations, our programs create true value for students by combining high quality education with authentic hands on training. Our experienced, real world certified IT engineers and successful business leaders fully prepare students for professional certifications and abundant.

    Our Mission

  • Goal: Build Wealth in Untapped Communitites
  • Vessel: Technology Education
  • Outcome: Increase Potential for Technology Careers

Certification Centers

Certification Centers


Courses Offered

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Stem Programs

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Work Force Development

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